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At O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC, our Vestal criminal defense lawyers know the city has so much to offer its 30,000 residents, including schools, housing, economy, natural resources, and use as a central hub for larger city travel.

Our Broome County defense attorneys also know the city is home to the Vestal Police Department, which is currently staffed with thirty-nine sworn members and supplemented by three civilian staff members. This is important because arrests made in the city are handled locally, which can come with challenges for residents facing significant charges.

Our defense attorneys know that no matter where you live or work in New York, you have the right to legal representation and may remain silent until you obtain counsel. Whether you believe your charges are straightforward or are not as serious because the town’s law enforcement is handling them, we encourage anyone arrested in Vestal to seek legal help immediately.

Our law firm’s priority is to create positive outcomes that align with our clients’ goals so everyone understands the reality of their legal challenges and how we can help them.

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Our law firm’s co-founders, Kevin O’Brien and Adam Eggleston, have built important relationships within the legal system, benefiting our clients and their legal outcomes, thanks to over 20 years of combined experience on both sides of New York’s criminal courtrooms, accounting for over 200 trials between them.

At O’Brien & Eggleston, our Vestal criminal defense lawyers have produced real results for real clients in the following legal areas:

If you face a state or federal legal challenge, contact our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Vestal for help today. We are ready to provide the positive influence your case needs to achieve the best outcome.

Will I Go to Jail for a Felony Conviction in Vestal, New York?

At O’Brien & Eggleston, our Vestal criminal defense attorneys know that when people think of felony crimes, they often associate them with violent offenses and drug trafficking,

While true, felonies typically involve more severe criminal conduct than misdemeanors and can include aggravated DWIs, white-collar crimes, certain drug offenses, and other non-violent crimes. Penalties for felony convictions can consist of substantial fines and lengthy imprisonment sentences.

However, the potential for incarceration after a felony conviction in Vestal, New York, will depend on various factors, including:

  • The Crime’s Felony Class

The class of the felony — Class E, D, C, B, or A — will significantly impact the potential sentence. Higher-class felonies generally carry more severe penalties.

  • Criminal History

A person’s criminal history can influence the sentencing decision. Repeat offenders may face harsher penalties.

  • Mitigating or Aggravating Factors

Certain factors may mitigate or aggravate the seriousness of the offense. Mitigating factors could lead to a more lenient sentence, while aggravating factors may result in a harsher penalty.

  • Specific Charges

The nature of the specific felony charges will also play a role. Some felonies have mandatory minimum sentences, while others give judges more discretion.

  • Sentencing Guidelines

Judges in New York often follow sentencing guidelines, considering various factors to determine an appropriate sentence within the statutory limits. Each class has a corresponding range of possible penalties, including imprisonment, fines, probation, or a combination.

If you have been arrested for a felony crime in New York, even if it is your first offense, it is crucial to consult with a criminal defense attorney in Vestal who can review the details of your case, assess the potential consequences, and provide guidance on the best legal strategy.

We can help explore possible defenses, negotiate with prosecutors, and advocate for a more favorable outcome, including reduced charges or a lighter sentence.

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At O’Brien & Eggleston, we offer criminal defense representation to help you protect your best interests and obtain an outcome in your favor. Tough legal issues require strong legal strategies. That is why we are here.

Our priority is to prove that you deserve an outcome that supports your future, and we have a strong track record of doing so for our clients. Don’t give up your rights without a fight. Contact our Vestal criminal defense attorneys at O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC today by calling (518)-391-2369 or contacting us online to schedule your initial consultation.

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  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 6A to merge with I-787 S toward Albany/Rensselaer
  • Take exit 4B for US-9 N toward Clinton Ave
  • Continue on Broadway. Take Van Tromp St to Sheridan Ave

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