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At O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC, our Albany drug crimes defense lawyers represent clients throughout New York who are facing possession, sale, or trafficking of controlled substances charges.

We understand that the severity of the drug charges one person faces may be different than another’s, based on the type and quantity of drugs, previous drug-related arrests or an existing criminal history, and other aggravated circumstances including where the drugs were found that may increase the charges to a federal crime.

The State of New York takes drug charges very seriously. This means the defense counsel you choose may mean the difference between facing significant jail time and your freedom. We can help provide the legal skills, knowledge, and resources you need to make informed decisions about both your criminal case and your future.

Our drug crime defense attorneys in Albany County believe, no matter the degree of charges they face, everyone deserves access to collaborative, outside-the-box legal solutions, no matter where they live or work in the Empire State. With over 20 years of combined experience on both sides of New York’s criminal courtrooms, accounting for over 200 trials between them, our law firm’s co-founders, Kevin O’Brien and Adam Eggleston, have built important relationships within the legal system, ultimately benefiting our clients and their legal outcomes.

Contact our Albany drug crime defense attorneys today to get started on a customized defense strategy that will give you the confidence you need to move forward.

How Will I Know the Severity of My New York Drug Charges?

The full list of controlled substances is outlined by the federal government, and the possession, sale, manufacture, or trafficking of these substances is fully enforceable by our New York laws.

New York is widely considered to have some of the toughest laws against drug crimes in the United States. When someone is charged with a drug crime, the severity of their charges will directly correlate to the type and quantity of the drug(s) found in their possession, and what they intended to do with them.

Opioids, fentanyl, methamphetamine, hallucinogenic drugs, and other narcotics — including prescription drugs — will all bring serious charges. The next detail to consider is if you were caught in possession of a drug, but only intended to use it, you may be facing a much lighter charge than someone who possessed the drugs with the intent to sell them.

At O’Brien & Eggleston, our drug crime attorneys in Albany provide each of our clients with a clear understanding of what their drug charges mean to their futures, so they can make informed decisions about their cases.

For instance, a misdemeanor drug charge may seem harmless, leading an individual to face the prosecutor on their own. The reality is, even a Class A misdemeanor for possessing a controlled substance in the 7th degree carries penalties of up to one year in jail, and fines up to $1,000.

Outside of the criminal penalties, individuals who hold professional licenses in New York can lose their accreditation for both misdemeanor and felony convictions. Even those without professional licenses could lose their jobs, and their trust in the community, and face significant challenges in their personal lives. No matter who you are, a drug crime conviction — including any plea deals made with the prosecutor, which are also viewed as convictions — establishes a prior offense and official criminal record that could influence the outcome of a background check and any future charges.

Allow our leading drug crime defense lawyers to review your case, so you understand the far-reaching consequences that may impact both your existing livelihood and your long-term goals.

Partner With an Experienced Drug Crime Defense Law Firm in Albany, New York

Whether this is your first offense or subsequent arrest for drug charges in New York, we believe you have better options than making a deal with the prosecution and enduring the legal process on your own. While prosecutors will do everything they can to paint you as a villain, we know the strategies that work to protect our client’s futures.

As your advocate, we may be able to raise questions concerning:

  • Whether or not you had any idea about the legality of the substances in question.
  • Law enforcement’s search and seizure of the evidence against you.
  • Whether or not you had any criminal intent with the substances.
  • The existence of any actual evidence against you.
  • Prescriptive medicine and your lawful possession of it.

Having handled hundreds of cases, O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC knows effective ways to help our clients protect their reputations and futures.

We Also Represent the Following Practice Areas:

Contact Our Skilled Drug Crime Defense Attorneys in Albany, New York Today

At O’Brien & Eggleston, we offer drug crime defense representation to help you protect your best interests and obtain an outcome in your favor. When your interests are in jeopardy, including after an arrest for a drug crime, you may feel like you have no chance of a future. We know better.

Tough legal issues require strong legal strategies. That is why we are here.

No matter how serious your situation may be, our drug crimes defense team believes your case is worth investigating to protect your future and your freedom. As your advocate, our Albany drug crime defense lawyers will investigate the charges and evidence filed against you to look for errors or other details that could be critical in the outcome of your case.

New York laws are written to be tough on those accused of drug crimes, but at O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC, we are tougher. With over 20 years of combined legal experience and numerous industry awards, our Albany criminal defense attorneys have the skill and tenacity to defend your rights in the face of overwhelming odds. If you were arrested on drug charges, let us help.

Our priority is to prove that you deserve an outcome that supports your future, and we have a strong track record of doing so for our clients by providing personal attention that allows us to see their cases through their eyes, enabling our dedicated New York drug crime defense attorneys to pursue positive outcomes that align with our client’s goals.

Don’t give up your rights without a fight. Contact our Albany drug crime defense attorneys at O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC today by calling 518-391-2369 or contacting us online to schedule your initial appointment to learn how we can help you, like we have helped hundreds of clients before you.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Drug Crimes

What are common drug crimes in Albany, New York?

Common drug crimes in Albany, New York include possession, sale, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, and drug-related offenses such as drug paraphernalia possession.

Is drug possession a felony or misdemeanor in Albany, New York?

Drug possession charges in Albany, New York can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the type and quantity of drugs. Felonies generally carry more severe penalties.

Can I be charged with drug possession if the drugs were not found on my person?

You can be charged with drug possession if drugs are found in your vicinity, such as in your car or home, even if they were not found on your person. Prosecutors may use constructive possession to establish your connection to the drugs.

What are the penalties for drug crime convictions in Albany, New York?

The penalties associated with drug convictions vary depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved, prior convictions, and other circumstances. Penalties can range from fines and probation to imprisonment.

What are potential defenses against drug crime charges in Albany, New York?

Defenses may include challenging the search and seizure’s legality, disputing the evidence’s chain of custody, raising issues related to other Fourth Amendment violations, or asserting that the drugs did not belong to you.

Can I be charged with a drug crime for possessing prescription medications without a prescription?

Yes, possessing prescription medications without a valid prescription can lead to drug-related charges. Certain prescription drugs are illegal without a prescription depending on their Drug Schedule, which defines drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence.

Should I cooperate with law enforcement if I face drug charges in Albany, New York?

It is highly advisable to consult an experienced defense attorney before deciding how to proceed with your Albany drug crime case. Your attorney can advise you on whether cooperation is in your best interest, considering the specifics of your case.

Can I get my drug charges reduced or dismissed in Albany, New York?

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or plea agreements. Our experienced Albany drug crime defense attorneys can assess the potential for reducing or dismissing charges based on the unique circumstances of your case.

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