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At O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC, our Endicott criminal defense lawyers know that while the village stretches just over three square miles and is home to just over 13,000 residents, it does not mean the Broome County District Attorney’s Office takes their cases any less seriously.

With over 20 years of combined experience on both sides of New York’s criminal courtrooms, accounting for over 200 trials between them, our law firm’s co-founders and Broome County defense attorneys, Kevin O’Brien and Adam Eggleston, have a deep familiarity with the judges, prosecutors and courtroom procedures in Endicott. These relationships and experience are advantageous in building solid defense strategies tailored to the specific characteristics of our clients’ cases and this legal jurisdiction.

Our law firm’s priority is to create positive outcomes that align with our clients’ goals so everyone understands the reality of their legal challenges and how we can help them.

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At O’Brien & Eggleston, our Endicott criminal defense lawyers have produced real results for real clients in the following legal areas:

If you face a state or federal legal challenge, contact our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Endicott for help today. We are ready to provide the positive influence your case needs to achieve the best outcome.

Will My Case Be Resolved Quicker If I Represent Myself Instead of Hiring an Endicott Criminal Defense Attorney?

At O’Brien & Eggleston, our Endicott criminal defense lawyers know some individuals may believe that their case is straightforward and can be quickly resolved without the need for legal representation.

Unfortunately, they may not anticipate the complexities that can arise during the legal process.

There are several reasons why handling your case without an attorney might actually result in delays or complications, including:

  • Unfamiliarity with Legal Procedures

Without legal training, you may not be familiar with the rules and procedures of the court. This lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes, missed deadlines, and procedural issues that could prolong the case.

  • Limited Understanding of the Law

Criminal law is complex, and navigating it without legal expertise may result in misunderstandings or misinterpretations of relevant statutes and legal principles. This can lead to ineffective arguments and delays in the legal process.

  • Difficulty in Gathering and Presenting Evidence

Collecting and presenting evidence in a manner that is admissible in court requires legal knowledge and skill. Representing yourself may result in challenges in delivering a compelling case, potentially leading to delays.

  • Negotiation Challenges

Negotiating with prosecutors to reach a plea deal or reduced charges can be challenging without legal expertise. Our Endicott defense attorneys are trained in negotiation tactics and can often achieve more favorable outcomes.

  • Limited Access to Resources

Our criminal defense lawyers in Endicott have access to resources like legal research databases, precedents, expert witnesses, and our over 20 combined years of experience. Representing yourself may limit your ability to access these resources, affecting the quality of your defense.

  • Courtroom Etiquette and Procedures

Courtroom proceedings have specific rules of etiquette and procedures that may be unfamiliar to someone without legal training. This lack of familiarity can result in misunderstandings, interruptions, and delays.

  • Risk of Damaging Your Case

In an attempt to represent yourself, you may inadvertently say or do things that harm your case. Our Endicott criminal defense attorneys are trained to present cases to maximize our clients’ interests, while self-represented individuals may struggle to do the same.

  • Emotional Challenges

Criminal cases can be emotionally charged, and self-represented individuals may struggle to remain objective and composed. Emotional responses can potentially hinder the legal process.

  • Potential for Appeals and Post-Conviction Issues

Mistakes made during the trial or legal proceedings could lead to issues on appeal or post-conviction proceedings. This could result in additional time and legal processes.

While it is your constitutional right to represent yourself, seeking the assistance of our skilled Endicott criminal defense attorneys can guide you through the legal process, provide strategic advice, ensure your rights are protected, and work to achieve the best possible outcome more efficiently.

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At O’Brien & Eggleston, we offer criminal defense representation to help you protect your best interests and obtain an outcome in your favor. Challenging legal issues require strong legal strategies. That is why we are here.

Our priority is to prove that you deserve an outcome that supports your future, and we have a strong track record of doing so for our clients. Don’t give up your rights without a fight. Contact our Endicott criminal defense attorneys at O’Brien & Eggleston PLLC today by calling (518)-391-2369 or contacting us online to schedule your initial consultation.

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