Protecting Your Holidays: Understanding Common Criminal Incidents in New York

From exchanging gifts to festive celebrations, the holidays are a fun time of year for the whole family. However, the season is also associated with a spike in criminal activity. The last thing you would want is to be charged with a criminal offense during this time of year, so being aware of the most common holiday crimes can help you avoid making a huge mistake. Some of the most common holiday crimes in New York include the following:

  • DWI – Since alcohol is typically a significant part of holiday celebrations, most people tend to drink an excessive amount throughout the season. Yet, holiday alcohol consumption often results in drunk driving crashes and DWI arrests, which is why police departments throughout the state will do their best to arrest suspected drunk drivers and make the roads safer for other drivers by increasing the number of officers patrolling the streets and sobriety checkpoints. For tips on how to avoid a DWI during the holidays, check out our blog post titled, “Holiday Drunk Driving Campaign.

Drink and Drive

  • Sex crimes – Not only does alcohol consumption lead to DWIs, but it also may result in sexual misconduct. Alcohol causes people to loosen their inhibitions and impairs their judgment, causing them to act and behave inappropriately. Additionally, women who are highly intoxicated have a greater risk of becoming a rape or sexual assault victim. If you plan on attending a holiday party, keep tabs on how many drinks you have and avoid making flirtatious comments or touching anyone inappropriately.
  • Domestic violence – The stress of the holidays and being around family members can lead to domestic violence incidents. Police often respond to domestic violence calls more during this season than any other time of year. If you and a loved one have an unresolved conflict that may boil over, please seek professional help to find a solution.
  • Theft crimes – Chaotic and overcrowded malls and stores are favorable conditions for shoplifters, who wish to take advantage of distracted retail employees and security staff. While many Americans now shop for holiday gifts online, porch pirates wait for packages to be delivered to unoccupied homes before stealing them. Lastly, since many homeowners and their families travel during the holidays, homes that are left empty for weeks or months are vulnerable to burglary. Remember, both shops and modern homes are now equipped with cameras and other security systems that can help law enforcement officials identify suspected thieves and make an arrest.

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